100% Organic & Natural

Organic Terrace / Home Garden Kit

Maadi Thottam

₹2,000.00 ₹1,500.00

"Nothing tastes better than your home-grown fresh vegetables!!!"

Urban Gardens offers a simpler method of creating your own Terrace /Home garden at your ease for your own needs .

"Home Garden" is a novel natural concept now getting popular in India , it's a  home based farming system created around your family home to produce variety of our own natural  foods, thereby we can avoid the costly, nutrient lost health hazardous chemically loaded vegetables available in the market.

For the first time, only our home garden kit provides a complete package of essential garden making components like Potting Mix, Compost , Neem Cake ,fertilizers, pest control solutions , grow Bags, Seeds and accessories in a single pack for establishing an assured successful garden at the first attempt by your family.

Enjoy your  family well being, healthy growth & development of your children with our    ONLY ONE Organic Home garden kits !!!

  • Grow Bags 12’x12” -  3 Nos
  • Coir Block Bricks 650 Gms -  3 Nos
  • 250g Pack Potting Mix  - 3 Nos
  • 250g Pack enriched Manure : 3 Nos
  • 100g  Pack Neem Cake Powder : 3 Nos
  • 100ml Organic Pesticide TRISOL – 1 No
  • 100ml Plant Nutrient GROWMAX -1 No
  • Vegetable Seed Pack – 3 Nos
  • Shavel – 1 No
  • Sprayer 500ml – 1No
  • Do it Yourself ( DIY ) Leaflet – 1 No
  • Products Description & Additional Tips Leaflet – 1No